The Rehab List was develop for one primary purpose; provide unbiased options for treatment to those looking for help overcoming their addiction. Addiction is deadly and powerful. In order to rest substance abuse and embark on a road of recovery many people require the assistance of detox, residential treatment and sober living. Our specialists are here to help you find the care that best fits your needs.

Our Mission Is Simple: Make Finding Treatment Easier.

There are over 8,000 treatment related businesses in the United States. All of which spend tens of thousands of dollars on online marketing to ensure they rank number one. Just because they rank first on Google doesn’t make them the best option for care, it just means they have the largest marketing spend or best website. The  team at The Rehab List has compiled all of the reviews available for all drug and alcohol treatment centers. We have placed these reviews in a single system allowing you to browse based on location, or desired location, addiction type or level of care. If you are confused or lost, or do not know where to start, call us today. We can help you find the perfect location for you or your loved one to begin their journey to recovery.

Serving The Community

The Rehab List is dedicated to helping everyone who reaches out. No matter your financial, insurance, addiction, or struggle we can help. Our resources are endless and we are dedicated to helping the community around us. Being in recovery ourselves we know just how hard it is to find quality help. There are so many options its overwhelming. Call today, we can help you weed through the mess and find the center aligned with creating success for you!

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